Welcome to send-a-bull! We send students from Tampa to places across the world for the purpose of “building relationships that matter.”

Students we are sending: Mark // Charlie // Spencer // Argentina Team

Slovenia – Mark and Charlie

Mark and Charlie are traveling to the Emerald Route in the Julian Alps of north-western Slovenia. They will be day-trip cycling each day from a base camp to surrounding towns and villages and back each day along the Emerald Route of NW Slovenia. They will be working closely with the missionaries that are living there and catering to their needs as well as the needs of the local villages. This will include distributing evangelism materials to the residents, praying for the residents in every village, conducting spiritual surveys with as many as they meet, witnessing to those who are interested, and simply serving in any way that is necessary. Please pray that God uses Mark and Charlie to further His movement in Bovec, Slovenia!

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Indonesia – Spencer



This August, I will be traveling to Indonesia with my church for two weeks. We will share the Gospel on many small islands where people know little to nothing about Christ.

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Argentina – Elizabeth, Andrea, Bryce, Kaitlin



The Argentina trip will be focused on ministering to and building relationships with the Quichua people of Santiago del Estero through several different activities. The team will have the opportunity to go to rural primary and secondary schools and share the gospel through testimonies, sports, and cultural exchange.  During this time, they will be serving in rustic and often isolated areas in the interior of the province.  While in the city of Santiago, the team will be working on a project focused on bringing fresh, pure water to the people of the interior, who often only have access to salt- or arsenic-contaminated water by building filters.  The team’s ultimate goal is to build relationships within the communities in order to share not simply pure water but the Living water of Christ.  The team will also have the opportunity to serve alongside a local church in reaching out to their neighborhood.  Through each and every one of these activities, the overarching purpose of this trip is to share Christ with each person in obedience to God’s command to love Him and then love others (Matt. 22:37-39), whether this be by sharing the gospel with someone who has never heard, or by encouraging local missionaries and national believers.

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